Book Week

Book Week!

Last week, on the 25th of August, on Friday we had a book parade. It’s where we have to dress up as our favourite character from a book. (You also have to bring the book). It was the most awesome thing in my life. I also brought a few accessories like a bottle that said drink me and a toy cake that said eat me.

It was so exiting to walk around in our costumes. It was also really fun and everyone was singing to the songs in the background. My friend Isabel was interviewed, she dressed up as Matilda, Leila was dressed as Julia the vet, Amy was dressed as Agent Fox, Charlie was dressed as Docter Nole Zone and last but not least… Tom was dressed  as Greg Heffley.

But I was dressed up as… Alice in Wonderland I really like the book and it is also a movie. Alice is a girl who goes into a rabbit hole in her dream (Alice doesn’t know it’s a dream) and she meets all these crazy people (Some are even animals.) then she wakes up and realises its a dream she also has a cat named Dinah which is a cute cuddly kitten.

And thats my recap of book week bye!




Interview A Friend

Interview A Friend

I am going to interview my good friend Leila.

  1. What is your favourite colour ? A. Magenta

2. What is your favourite pokemon? A. Mew

3. Why is Mew your favourite pokemon? A. Because Mew is super cute and playful.

4. Do you have a favourite tree? A. yes I like gum trees because you can see Koalas in them.

5. Do you like KITTENS? A. yes, yes, yes and yes!.

6. What are your favourite subjects in school? A. English, Music, Art and technology

7. Do you have any favourite tv shows/ movies? A. Pokemon, littlest pet shop, inspector gadget 2.0, race to the edge, Japanizi Going Going Gong, how to train your Dragon, storks, Moana, Matilda and pokemon movies

8. Who are your best friends? A. Eve (thats me)Charlie,IsabelAmyMichaelMichaelaposieBellaJamesMaxThomas and Jessica 

And the finale question is 9. What is you favourite food? A. Lasagne ♥

Five Focus Words

Five Focus Words

The five focus words are the words that we have to try and use in what we say and actions.


Respect is being kind and not being rude.


Love is to care about people like you care about your family.


Excellence is to be happy with yourself e.g if you have a test and you did not get a  A you should still be happy because you did your best.


Gratitude is to be grateful for all that you have.

And Justice

Justice is to be fair and and to give people what they deserve.

Bucket list

Bucket List

  1. Learn how to fly.

2. Get a kitten.

3. be a famous prankster.

4. Be a Youtuber.

5. Be a gymnast.

6. Get more then 10,000 friends.

7. Stay up till 3am.

8. Get a skate bored

9. Work at a ice cream shop.

10. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

11. Make my sister angry.

12. Get a MacBook Air.

13.Get my Ipad fixed.

14. Get paid MONEY.

15. Get a jetpack.

16. Watch a movie before school (Done before.)

17. Get a cat.

18. Get my ears pierced.

19. Make memes.

20. Keep my dads old phone.


WeirDo Series

WeirDo Series

Hello, i’m Eve and my favourite book/series is drum role please no drum role oh ok the WeirDo book series because it is so funny WARNING spoiler alert ok now that you are warned you are ok to read on.

It is the greatest book in history so WeirDo is about a boy named Weir and his last name is Do so WeirDo and he is new in school and his teacher bursts with laughter when she herd his name. And he likes a girl called Bella they are best friends but in book 6 A boy called Hans some and he likes Bella and teaches Weir acronims like lol

Sports Day

Sports Day

On sports Day we did a lot of activity’s I am going to tell you them.

  1. Was the whole school hoop relay it was really fun and we did it in our team colours.

2. Then we did the running races I came third it was raceing against outher teams.

3. Then we did the hurdles i came second this was also very fun.

4. And then we did rob the nest it is when you have a nest that you steal from and when they are gone you rob each others nest.

I loved all these activites they all were so much fun I dont think I can choose a favourite and that was my recap of sports day.